Friday, June 12, 2009

What happened to my money in Mafia Wars Cuba?

If you log in to your Mafia Wars Cuba and go to the bank, you may notice that your money is greatly reduced to just about 2 million. My 40 million Cuban pesos in the bank went down to 2 mil.

Don’t worry it’s not a bug nor a hack. It’s just a way for Zynga to balance the game as they prepare to roll out Mafia Wars Cuba to all which I think is a good call on their part. At least your items and businesses are still intact.

Zynga announced that Mafia Wars Cuba will be open to all real soon. Here’s what it means for us players according to their forum:

  • Preview testers will get to keep all the items and businesses and enjoy the week-long head start that they got.
  • Gifting will be enabled for all Cuba loot and collections
  • Cuba items will be enabled for fighting in NY

Can’t wait for Mafia Wars Cuba to be available to everyone.

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