Friday, July 31, 2009

Do Blogger users need a web hosting?

One of the benefits in using Blogger for your blog is that you can add scripts such as Google Adsense to your site. So the question is, if you have a Blogger account do you still need to have your own web hosting?

Well the short answer is maybe no. Unlike Wordpress, you cannot install a Blogger platform to your hosting site.

What good is it to have a hosting site for Bloggers then? The only thing I can think of is that you can host scripts that you use in your blog and not rely on others in case they are no longer around. But Google Code is their so why bother?

Having your own host is still good if you have a non-Blogger site. You really can’t rely on free hosting sites because their resources for free users is limited. Then sooner or later when you’ve already committed too much on them they will eventually find a way to make you pay for their services.

So from the start, it is best have you own web host for your site. Webhostingrating is a nice resource place to start hunting for your web host. They have suggestions on different types of hosting such as colocation hosting, unix web hosting and dedicated servers. They also have some nice articles to help you get started.

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ALiNe said...

I'm pretty much satisfied with blogger :)


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