Saturday, August 1, 2009

Apple releases iPhone 3.0.1 software. Update quickly!

Earlier this week, a report from security researcher Charlie Miller mentions that iPhone has a critical vulnerability that would allow hackers to take control of the device simply by sending an SMS message.

According to AppleInsider:

The exploit takes advantage of the fact that SMS can send binary code to a phone. That code is automatically processed without user interaction, and can be compiled from multiple messages, allowing larger programs to be sent to a phone. The exploit supposedly exposes the iPhone completely, giving hackers access to the camera, dialer, messaging and Safari. It occurs regardless of hardware revision or which version of the iPhone OS is running.

iPhone 3.0.1 Software Update

Good thing that Apple just released the fix for it so better upgrade your OS to 3.0.1 pronto. iPod Touch is not affected since it is not capable of receiving SMS.

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