Thursday, August 20, 2009

Microsoft Word will be dropped from the market?

I’ve been using Microsoft Word since high school and I couldn’t imagine a world without that familiar word processing software.

MS-Word It might just happen as Microsoft is fighting a court ruling that could force MS Word off the market. It seems that Microsoft involved itself on patent infringement issues for Word’s use of XML against Canadian software company i4i.

Microsoft filed an emergency motion with the court asking the judge for a stay on that ruling while they remove the functionality from Word. The court gave them 60 days to comply but Microsoft said that the change required on the software could take months.

If Microsoft can’t fix this thing by October 10 and the court denied a stay of the ruling, say goodbye to MS Word.

i4i was awarded $200 million in damages earlier this year for the same patent case.

[CNET News]


chocolait_addict said...

That will be a total bummer if Word will be out of the market... I mean I have not used any other word processing software other than Word!

Berryblitz said...

Hmmmmm paano na kaya yan, pero i guess hindi papayag microsoft ng ganun ganun na lang

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