Friday, August 21, 2009

How do chickens work in Barn Buddy

Barn Buddy is a Facebook game where you tend to your own garden/barn by planting crops, harvesting them, then stealing crops from your friends.

They introduced the chicken which you could rent for 30 days for a hefty sum but have you ever wondered how you can make the chicken work?


If you rented the chicken, you can click it 4 times every 6 hours. Each click will net you 5xp. Before the 4th try though, wait for it to go to its nest before clicking it. This will make the chicken hatch an egg which you can collect for 50xp. Each egg will sell for 112 gold from your storehouse.

So make the most out of your chicken. Collect at least 3 eggs per day.

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chrz 4 da explainin. :)

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