Saturday, August 22, 2009

What are the boost items in Mafia Wars?

Hold on to your Mafia Wars spare collections because you might be needing them for boost items.

Mafia Wars just recently added boost items which allows you to gain temporary bonuses whenever you’re attacking, defending or doing jobs. You can re-vault collections to gain these boost items so you still need to complete a set. Just go to your collection page to get your boost.

Boost Items

Here are the list of boost items you can get per collection.

  1. Rum Drinks = Flaming Shot (+30 attack skill)
  2. Tropical Fruits = Boosted Smoothie (-18 job energy costs)
  3. Entertainers = Sandbag Wall (+35 fight defense skill)
  4. Tropical Fish = Blowfish Dart (+40 attack skill)
  5. Beards = Hobo Lookout (+60 robbing defense skill)
  6. Diamond Flush = Fights Tripwire (+10 fight defense skill)
  7. Heart Flush = Cappuccino (-3 job energy costs)
  8. Sculptures = Alarm System (+15 robbing defense skill)
  9. Poker Chips = Bulldog (+18 fight defense skill)
  10. Club Flush = Problem Solver (-5 job energy costs)
  11. Boxing = Semi-Pro Boxer (+15 attack skill)
  12. Cigars = Fixer (-8 job energy costs)
  13. Spade Flush = Sting Grenade (+20 attack skill)
  14. Billiards = Bouncer (+27 robbing defense skill)
  15. Rings = Blueprints (-10 job energy costs)
  16. Ties = Injunction (+25 fight defense skill)
  17. Paintings = Motion Detector (+37 robbing defense skill)
  18. Cufflinks = Corporate Muscle (+35 attack skill)
  19. Barber = Shave and A Haircut (+30 fight defense skill)
  20. Great Racehorse = Inside Tip (-16 job energy costs)

For attack and defense boost, you can get 7 of the items per vault. For energy boost you can only get 2 at a time. The effects of these items will be used automatically when its effect applies.

To view your boost items, you can see a boost tab in your inventory screen.


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