Saturday, September 5, 2009

Groovy like a movie video production

If you’re in the market for video production services for your tv commercial, corporate needs, marketing video, music video any kind of video promotions, you might want to check out groovy like a movie.

side_reel Groovy like a movie is an experienced national tv commercial production company based in San Diego. They are a one-stop-shop video production company that will help you from basic concept and will follow your spot all the way through delivery to your media outlet. Or… they can also interface with your advertising agency to implement their vision.

Their team uses an established process for writing scripts, scheduling shoots, movie and film production, post production, quality control and process for follow-up. Basically every process needed for your successful video. This means you’ll receive excellent customer service all throughout the video production lifecycle with them, not to mention high quality and polished video that will exceed your expectations.

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