Friday, September 4, 2009

Get 13 Daily Chance tickets in Mafia Wars per week

The lottery system in Mafia Wars gives you a free lotto ticket per day. At the end of the week during the draw, you can have 7 tickets if you claim them every day.

With the introduction of Ticket Mastery, you can claim prizes based on how many tickets you have submitted already. The prize is a bonus so you might want to take advantage of it when you can.

If you claim the ticket mastery prize on every 2nd ticket, you’ll get another free ticket.

So what you do is on your second ticket, claim your free ticket and use it (back to 1 ticket submitted). The following day, submit your daily free ticket as your 2nd and claim your ticket mastery prize of another free ticket. Repeat the process on the next day until the last day of the week.

This way, when it’s time to draw winners you will have a total of 13 tickets submitted giving you more chance to win better lotto prizes.


Anonymous said...

As of Jan 2010, any ticket mastery claims resets the mastery bonus to 0 (zero), thereby making this strategy useless.

Anonymous said...

You're wrong! It definitely still works...get your facts straight!

Anonymous said...

It works. When you claim ticket mastery on two tickets, you submit another one. The next day, you already have one submitted, so when you submit your daily one, you now have two and can claim ticket mastery to get another one.

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