Thursday, September 3, 2009

Treating symptoms by myself

People love to self-diagnose especially if they don’t have time or money to go to the doctor or their physician is not readily available. They would look for information on the internet for Treatment for Symptoms.

Well I am included in that group. A few weeks ago during a visit to a hospital, I developed this fever complete with colds and chills when I got home. It got me thinking, did I acquire AH1N1 virus from the hospital? I quickly check for AH1N1 symptoms online to see if I really had it.

It wasn’t clear at that time so the next step for me was to find treatment for the symptoms I had. I bought over the counter meds and followed the treatment plan. Fortunately, nothing bad happened and it went away after a few days.

Although it’s ok to diagnose yourself, it’s not really advisable especially if your ailment is something uncommon. You don’t want to receive the wrong treatment and make things worse do you?

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