Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Genius Navigator 380, mouse and VOIP phone in one

It’s no secret these days that the cheapest way to talk to friends or relatives overseas is through the internet using Voice Over Internet Protocol (VOIP). A lot of services like Skype, GoogleTalk, etc.) are already available offering VOIP.

Genius Navigator 380

For all of you who do a lot of talking over the net via VOIP, you can avoid the clutter of having a separate hardware for your VOIP. The Genius Navigator 380 integrates mouse and internet functions while featuring  a 1200 dpi optical engine. There are seven buttons in Navigator 380 for the phone functions --- Phone on/off, List up/down, Volume up/down and OK for calling.

When you have an incoming phone call, the Navigator 380 rings as long as the PC speaker is ON. If the speaker is OFF, an LED light in the mouse blinks to let you know that someone is calling you.

But can you guess what the problem will be in having a phone and a mouse in one? Yup! How can you navigate around your desktop if you’re using the phone? But if you won’t be bothered by it then by all means get one.

SRP for the Genius Navigator 380 is Php850.

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Anne said...

Well the Genius Navigator 380 is a remarkably elegant mouse with intelligent integration of mouse and internet phone functions which i like the most.This unique voip mouse comes with a software that can support up six voip clients and instant messengers.

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