Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Turn your iPhone into a mirror with Ozaki iCoat Mirror

If you are looking for a screen protector for your iPhone or iPod Touch, you will typically have the choice of matte for anti-glare and anti-fingerprint or glossy for bright and crisp colors.

Ozaki iCoat Mirror

Now Ozaki, the makers of Apple accessories, has another type of screen protector. The Ozaki iCoat Mirror will not only protect your iPhone screen from scratches and fingerprints, it will also turn it into a mirror when the screen is turned off.

iCoat Mirror is made in special mirror design. It's clear, shiny and flashy. iCoat Mirror is made with highly transparent material, giving your iPhone amazing screen clarity.

Ozaki iCoat Mirror has an SRP of Php690.


game said...

Looks great!Works as both-a phone and a mirror.Superb!I like it.Interesting stuff!I was not aware of this mirror earlier and your post helps me.I will keep visiting your post more often.Thanks.

Anj said...

it's available in powermac stores.

Anonymous said...

Is this available for TV's? I have a flat samsung TV that I would like to frame and turn into a mirror when the tv is not on. Does anyone know where I can find a product like this.

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