Monday, November 16, 2009

Looking for an inventory management software?

Successful businesses today no matter how big or small often rely on technology to help manage things. It’s important for start-ups or those who are still using manual method of keeping track of things to invest in something that is tried and tested, powerful yet affordable at the same time.

Businesses that deal a lot with customers, vendors, retailers and/or distributors will usually need some sort of inventory management software to efficiently keep track of inventory at different locations. If you’re in the market to look for one, why not check out AdvancePro from AdvanceWare Technologies.

AdvancePro is a software that can help your business make buying, selling, shipping faster and easier. It’s a total solution package that you would want to have for your business. It offers advanced administrative functions like inventory control management and customer order and vendor order management which allows you to quickly glance whether an order has the correct inventory in stock, or if a vendor order needs to be created.

One cool thing with AdvancePro is that it can offer a modular approach. If you don’t want or you don’t need the whole package, you can choose only the functions that you currently need and just purchase more functions as you see fit. If all you need is a warehouse management software, AdvancePro can be arranged to be just like that.

One of the great things about AdvanceWare is their commitment to support. Customer satisfaction is paramount to them and they will offer the highest level of support for each customer.

Customers who have used AdvancePro usually commented on how easy it is to use the interface despite the robustness and power of the software. What’s more is that the AdvancePro team can work well within the budget of the customer and can still deliver the features and functionalities that they need.

Consider AdvancePro if you want something complete yet affordable.

Now aside from an inventory management software, next thing businesses need to invest on is an accounting software. If you don’t know where to begin, you might want to check this article to get tips for choosing an accounting software.

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