Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Mafia Wars Money Laundering Collection

Now there’s an incentive to go back in doing New York Jobs. Mafia Wars just introduced the new money laundering collection in New York that once completed will reduce your bank deposit fee by 3%.

So how do you get those pieces? Randomly, by doing jobs in New York you will get a rare chance to launder money. When this happens you must send request to your friends by publishing it to your feed. When your friends help you they will get a a random loot for the money laundering collection.

money launder

So actually, you’re helping you friends complete their collection. But when they clicked on your link, they will also have the chance to start their own money laundering that you can help out so you’ll get some of the loot too.

Some people are still experiencing some bugs about not being able to publish the feed or not getting anything from it even if the game says they got something.

If the –3% bank deposit fee is not much for you then continue finishing Cuba or Moscow and forget about the new collection. Hehehe.

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