Tuesday, January 19, 2010

How to properly add Google Adsense to your Tumblr posts

Tumblr users don’t really feel the need to incorporate Google Adsense to their account. But if you want to earn a few cents from Tumblr, here’s how you properly add your Google Adsense code to it so that it will not appear after all posts in the main page.

adsense on tumblr 

What you want is to show your ads at the end of each post on their own page.

  • Go to your Dashboard > Customize
  • Click Theme and search for {block:Permalink}
  • Put your Google AdSense code after that and before {/block:Permalink}

That’s how easy it is.


Alan said...

thank you so much, it worked! i really appreciate it. check it out on my tumblr! (:

MVictors said...

Thanks for the information! Because of this post, I was able to implement adsense on my Tumblr!


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