Friday, January 8, 2010

HP Mini 5102 comes with an optional handle

Seldom do we see a netbook with nothing but vanilla specs but HP tends to change that with its Mini 5102 netbook that comes with a whole lot of customization that you can imagine.

hpmini5102This 10-incher netbook comes with the new Intel Atom N450 and is aimed at business or for school, depending how you customize it. You can go with WSVGA or WXGA display, different flavors of OS from DOS to Linux to Windows. You can also include a capacitive multitouchscreen while you’re at it. Battery is either a 4 or 6-cell.

This classy netbook has large 95% raised keyboard which will give you a comfortable typing experience. Oh yeah, you can also opt to have an integrated handle built in to this netbook upon order if you want.

No word yet on starting price or when it will be available. Watch out for it though.

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