Wednesday, January 27, 2010

LG goes retro with its Classic TV

In this world full of LCD’s and LED’s, LG decided to go back in time when they announced a new CRT TV. Yep! CRT.

LG Classic TV

The Serie 1 Retro Classic TV will remind you of the old TV you’ve grown up with. It’s a 14” TV with the boxy, bulky body, dials to change the channel and volume, detachable legs and it even includes the rabbit ears. To complete the retro vibe, this TV can also display video in black and white or sepia.

Although primitive-looking, the Classic TV has some modern features hidden including a digital tuner, composite video inputs and also a wireless remote control.

The Retro Classic TV is only available in Korea for ₩ 249,000 or roughly about USD215. Now time to bust out the old famicom.

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