Friday, February 12, 2010

Avatara’s turns your avatar into The Sims

If you’re bored with the look of the avatar on your social network profile, why not customize something in 3D. Customizing your Yahoo! Avatars is fun but try Avatara and you will have a blast.

Avatara allows you to create 3D avatars that you can easily post on multiple social networks. If you’re familiar with the games The Sims, creation of your avatar is quite similar. You can choose from a selection of faces, skin, eyes, hair and body types to begin with. Finally, you can select your clothing and do some final customizations from there.


Avatara is free to use and doesn’t require you to sign up to try. If you want to actually use your creation, you have to register and log in. Once you are ready to send out your avatar, you can also give it some animations such as dancing, coughing, bowing, etc.

Go ahead and check it out.

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