Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Samsung TL500 an alternative to the LX3 or S90?

With the low-light compact shooters being dominated by Panasonic for quite some time and the emergence of a challenger, Canon S90, a year after, here’s another player joining that small niche, the Samsung TL500.


Not really a trusted name yet when it comes to digital cameras, Samsung hopes to change that with a high-end compact capable of shooting at a bright f/1.8 lens (compared to f/2.0 of the LX3 and S90), the TL500.

The Samsung TL500 features an 24mm ultra-wide, ultra-fast f/1.8 Schneider lens on a new high-performance 1/1.7” CCD sensor. 3x optical zoom and a 10megapixel resolution is quite decent for such type of cameras. It also has an articulating 3” AMOLED display and supports RAW format although the video can only do VGA recording.

It will be available this Spring for around $450.

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