Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Speed up your PC, clean your registry

I often get asked by my relatives to look at their computer when it’s performing really slow. They would ask if they should replace it because it’s already old but I told them that it’s not the case always. What they need to do is to remove all those junk software installed over the years that are not being used any more.regwork

One of the problems with uninstalling software is that sometimes, they still leave a footprint in your system’s registry. It may be a bit small but over time these footprints will grow and will eventually affect your computer’s performance. Not a lot people know how to use the registry editor and if you’re not careful you may alter or delete stuff that would make things worse. I accidentally deleted the Microsoft portion of the registry before and that messed up my machine. Hehehe.

A nice tool to have for cases like these is a registry cleaner. These applications scan your PC for orphaned items in the registry or registers that are not needed anymore and clean them for you. You will still have control over what it will delete or you can leave it up to the software to decide.

A clean registry is one of the signs of a healthy computer.

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