Thursday, March 18, 2010

Create slideshow videos in a flash online with Flixtime

Sometimes, you want to show off your vacation photos in a more fun way compared to Windows default slideshow view. Or maybe you can surprise your girl on your anniversary by putting a through-the-years slideshow on her iPod or portable media player.


With Flixtime, you don’t need any video editing skills or buy a software to create cool-looking slideshow of your photos. All you need to do is sign up (which is free by the way), upload your photos or videos, upload a tune to go along with it or choose from their selection of music and then let Flixtime do the rest. Of course sometimes you want some control over how your slideshow is created like include text and the site also allows you to do that.

After the video is created, you can have Flixtime upload it to your YouTube account for easy sharing. There are other methods for sharing like via Facebook and Twitter and you can also download the video to your PC if you want to have a copy of it.

Do check Flixtime out and see spme sample videos from their site.

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