Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Entourage Edge is a student’s best friend

It is becoming a trend for students these days to have a laptop to bring to class for note-taking, research of just chatting with friends when bored. Aside from a laptop, e-Readers are going to be a must moving forward to minimize the amount of books a student needs to carry.

Entourage Edge

Entourage saw this trend and produced an e-Reader and Laptop combined. The Entourage Edge is a dual-screen device that looks like a chunky netbook on the outside but is an e-Reader and a touch-screen tablet combined on the inside.

The e-Reader side has an e-ink display where you can read books or scribble notes while the tablet side has an LCD screen and is powered by an Android browser for you to surf, check e-mails or purchase books. It’s a bit difficult for note-taking without a physical keyboard but there’s a stylus included for manual scribbling.

Is it going to fly in the future? Based on this Engadget review, it still has a few kinks to work on especially on the Android side of things. It’s a nice start though in what I think will be another gadget niche filled with netbooks and tablets.

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