Friday, April 23, 2010

Find your stolen laptop with Prey

Laptops are getting more common each day and this means that laptop theft cases are steadily increasing. So what can an owner do if his laptop gets stolen? Pray that the thieves will simply format the data. But that’s not the case at all as thieves will often mine your hard disk for sensitive data that they can use. This is the window of opportunity you can take to track down your laptop if you use Prey.


Prey is a lightweight application to help you find your stolen laptop. It stays hidden and silent in your system and will send regular reports to a web control panel that only you have access to. Hopefully, the thief will leave the WiFi on so every time your laptop detects and connects to a WiFi, it will send information such as screenshot of the desktop, a picture of the thief if your lappy has a webcam, active connections, etc. Think of it like installing an approved backdoor or trojan to your own system that only you can control.

Best thing about Prey is that it’s free and will work with any OS.

Check out for more information.

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