Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Sleek laptop cooler from Genius

People don’t give much attentions to laptop coolers. They feel that it’s not portable, clunky-looking, heavy and doesn’t really make itself worthy to be used on a daily basis with laptops.Genius NB Stand 250For those who feel the value of laptop coolers, here’s a nice, sleek looking one from Genius, the NB Stand 250. NB Stand 250 is made of aluminum material, which is good in two ways: heat dissipation becomes more efficient and the finish makes it elegant and stylish. NB Stand 250 has a user-friendly technology which allows you to work in peace; its 60 mm fans are silent workers.

NB Stand 250 is flat and lightweight with a storable cable. It's a perfect fit for notebooks with screens measuring 7-15 inches.

Do yourself a favor and take care of your laptop by addressing its heating problems.

SRP: Php850

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Steroids UK said...

I've tried 3 different big laptop cooler/fans from cdr king and none of them are able to keep my laptop cold in a non aircon room, has anyone found a model that actually works in the PI.

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