Thursday, April 15, 2010

New shells for the iPod Touch from Ozaki

Got a brand new iPod Touch? Why not dress it up with these new cases from Ozaki. These Ozaki iCoat Wardrobe for the iPod Touch come in vibrant hues to give your iPod a stylish look and protection at the same time.Ozaki iCoat WardrobeOzaki iCoat Wardrobe for iPod touch shells are custom-tailored and are especially made with high glossy surface and vibrant colors. These casings are available in 2 sets for guys and the ladies.

One set have three different hues and comes with an iCoat invisible, a screen film which protects your touch screen from scratches, dust and fingerprint smudges.

iCoat Wardrobe touch will be available in the Philippine market by May.

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