Thursday, April 1, 2010

WiFi Pocket Router for instant internet sharing on the go

Now here’s a nifty device if you and your friends often find yourselves looking for a place with decent internet connection. Maybe if your group is doing a project in a public place and you all need to stay connected, this pocket router is your friend.Netcomm MyZoneThe MyZone from Netcomm is a credit-card sized 3G/HSPA WiFi Router that you could store in that front flap of your laptop bag. All you need to do is slap in your SIM card with available 3G data balance and you can start sharing your internet. You don’t need to connect it to anything because it runs on batteries which can last for four hours. You can still connect it to your laptop via USB if you need more juice on it though.

No word yet on pricing and availability but watch out for it though, it’s the Netcomm MyZone.

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