Monday, May 17, 2010

Buffalo LinkStation Duo for your home media server

If you’ve embraced a totally networked home with multiple TV’s in different room then maybe it’s time to invest on a home media server. Stream or share your music, videos and photos from one location which can be accessed by different sources like your TV, PC, Stereo, etc.

The Buffalo LinkStation Duo is a high performance, dependable and affordable shared network storage solution with accessible drives and user-friendly data management features.

Buffalo LinkStation Duo

With RAID support, Gigabit Ethernet capability, and WebAccess, LinkStation Duo becomes the ideal solution if you're looking for a fast and reliable network attached storage for storing and sharing files with multiple computers and over the Internet. It even has BitTorrent® Client which enables you to download digital content over the Internet directly.

The LinkStation Duo includes a DLNA CERTIFIED server, allowing DLNA players to access content on the LinkStation even without the need of a computer. In addition, LinkStation Duo has power-savings mode, a silent fanless design, and a Memeo backup software for automatic backup. It even comes with a built-in iTunes server which allows your iTunes application to identify and access the LinkStation as an iTunes content source. Nice!

SRP: P14,500 (Enclosure Model for 2TB - w/out Hard Disk Drives; with 2 bays to accommodate 2 HDDs)

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