Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Quickly send files over the web with iSendr

So you want to send a huge file to a friend who’s online over the web. You can’t attach it on your e-mail because of the size limitation. You can’t send it over IM because firewall or proxy is preventing you. Well you can upload it to sites such as YouSendIt but why spend time uploading the file before you can share it to your friend?


Try iSendr. The only time you upload the file is when your friend is ready to receive it. iSendr is a free service where you don’t have to create an account nor upload a file to a 3rd party server anymore. What iSendr does is produce a download link for your friend who will download the file straight from your PC.

Of course there are drawbacks for services such as this, your friend needs to be online at the same time as you. It is also not really efficient if you’re going to send it to multiple parties.

iSendr is simply a quick, no-nonsense file sharing service from point A to point B. The site requires flash by the way.

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