Saturday, June 28, 2008

Fastest web browser out there

If you're stuck with Windows' default web browser, Internet Explorer 7, then you might want to consider downloading and using a different one.


Lifehacker made a basic but telling speed comparison test among popular web browsers these days, Opera 9.5, Firefox 3, Safari 3 (for Windows) and Internet Explorer 7. Now don't start with what about Maxthon or other lightweight browsers, they only tested widely-used web browsers. Take note that all browsers were tested running on a Windows machine so the performance will vary if you have a Unix-based or Mac-based PC.

They only tested the speed when booting the browsers up, memory consumption if more tabs are used, or how fast they process Javascript and CSS scripts.

Safari is by far the fastest (except during cold boot) followed closely by Opera. Firefox, however, is the lesser memory hog among the browsers. The clear loser though is IE 7 which has nothing good goin' for it except that it comes with Windows Installation so lots of people have them by default. They're hoping for better results when IE 8 comes out though.


ALiNe said...

Hmmmm fastest e?

Pinoy WebSurfer said...

ok it's kinda misleading. title should be the fastest popular web browser running on windows to be more precise. hehehe.

FITrainer said...

I believe that i am on the right track with my Opera although the tests show Opera as being the second fastest -It is loaded with great features that usually comes with extensions or add-ons with the other browsers -so speed vs features I think opera has the best of both worlds

Pinoy WebSurfer said...

Props to you. i used to be an opera user but when i switched to Firefox, i find FF easier to use.

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