Saturday, June 28, 2008

Inside the mind of Criss Angel

crissCriss Angel is probably the most famous and best illusionist that we have today. He is known for his unbelievable stunts and spectacular illusions.

He has his own TV series called MindFreak that is pretty awesome itself. It's like street magic but focusing more on mind-blowing illusions such as cutting himself into two, impaling himself atop a pointed fence or allowing himself to get into a woodcutter in front of his families and ordinary spectators.

This time, his next big performance would be with the world renowned Cirque de Soleil to be held at Luxor Hotel in Las Vegas, from September 1 to 11 every Friday to Tuesday. It will be different from illusions that you see in Mindfreak because this time, he will be immersed with Cirque de Soleil's artistry.

Entitled CRISS ANGEL Believe, the show will take you deep inside the inventive mind of Criss Angel as he takes on a role of a Victorian Noble and travels between different realms. He will be performing his mystifying illusions that you would want to see live as Circque de Soleil provides additional visual imagery that will further stimulate your senses.

Too bad a text contest for two tickets to the show just ended last June 14. So if you're an Angel fan, better book your tickets now if you want to see his big show.

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Saging said...

i have the biggest crush on his accent :))

Anonymous said...

Hehehe. sa accent pa talaga.

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