Wednesday, July 2, 2008

6 features that I wish Blogger has

I've been blogging for more than half a year now using Blogger and Wordpress exclusively. Each has its pros and cons but Blogger has more room for improvement.


It was great for Blogger to finally listen to our whims about improving the comment box so that it would be easier for us to post comments. Here are 6 more features that I wish Blogger would implement for us to have a better blogging experience.

  • Better Dashboard. I wish they would take a page from Wordpress with their dashboard. It would be really nice to see your blog stats without relying on Google Analytics or Sitemeter.
  • Better comment control. Built-in spam control would be appreciated. This includes the ability to block a spammer's IP. Oh and allowing the owner to modify comments would be good to have too.
  • Improve Post Creation form. I love the new improvements we're going to have here. Not having to re-upload an image when you accidentally deleted it from the post is a big help. I just wish they would give us the option to remove the auto link on the images without having to edit the HTML. Oh and a built-in Word Count please.
  • Read more feature. To give your post a summarized version when in the front page and have a "read more" link to redirect your reader to the post's page. I want Wordpress' More button very badly for Blogger. No more external javascripts please.
  • Recent Comments widget. This is one of the most sought after widget by bloggers and I'm surprised that Blogger doesn't have them built in. I wish there's a way to easily add a non-feed based Recent Comments widget without relying on javascripts hosted on a different site.
  • Top Posts widget. This is the second most sought after blog widget in my opinion. Is Feedjit the only legitimate choice for Top Posts?

That's my list. How about you, what do you think are the areas where Blogger could still improve on? Oh yeah this post is an entry to Blogger Buster's competition where you could win the Ultimate Blogging Package.

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Amanda said...

Hello there,

Thank you for your entry to the Blogger wishlist competition.

I'm still verifying all entries, and will announce the winners later today.

Good luck!


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