Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Earn some money with

You have a blog and you already installed Google Adsense. After a couple of months, you still need a lot to reach the $100 payout needed for Google Adsense. So you begin looking for other ways to monetize your blog.

I recommend you try joining Here's how it works, you add your website/s and pick 5 pages from it. They would then try to match an ad for each of those pages. You insert the ad code that they would provide and after each month, you get paid £3 for each of those page with an ad. Yup, they pay you in pounds through your PayPal. If you have 2 web sites registered and each has 4 pages with their ad, you'll get £24 per month doing nothing. Moreso, they are not particular with those page rank nonsense.

So if it's that good then there must be a catch right? Well, signing up is free and registering your sites and pages is easy. But it takes a while (I waited 2 months!) to have a page approved. Here's a tip on what type of pages or posts that most likely gets approved:

  • Finance, Investing, Debt, Credit Cards, Insurance
  • Dating
  • Health
  • Legal
  • Real Estate
Doesn't sound the type of posts your blog have? Well, just submit your most popular pages and see what happens. Once approved, the code given to you will track how many hits that page is getting. If the advertisers aren't satisfied, they will not renew the ad.

This is legit folks! I know someone who already got paid twice already. Oh yeah, the code that they use for their ads is not supported by so free Wordpress users need not apply.

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Berryblitz said...

hehehe isusulat ko pa lang sana yung "tip", pero nauna ka na....

itry mo pala isubmit itong mismong post mo. and pag may nakuha kang paypal payment ng kahit ano, try mo gumawa ng blog post about it and try mo ren isubmit yun. yung akin kc nagkaron agad ng ad :)

Calvin said...

oo nga eh. kaya ko ni-post ito para maisubmit. pinatagal ko lang ng konti kasi baka sabihin atat eh. hehehe.

Calvin said...

berryblitz, it worked. this post got accepted. :)

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