Thursday, July 31, 2008

Trying to be debt free for a long time

I haven't been in debt (money-wise) when I was still single. Being married for almost 2 years, I'm quite happy that we are still debt-free. My wife and I are both employed and we were able to have savings that could last us for some months without working. Aside from that we also have some rainy day fund for emergencies. We pay bills and credit card debt on time. It's really quite a blessing not needing any debt relief.

Of course we are just starting out. We still don't have kids, so no college education plans yet. We still haven't got our own home which I think would be the first debt that we would incur (housing loan). There's also the thought of buying our own car which would be another debt. Being this early in our married life, I should come up with a plan for debt consolidation so that we won't fall into the pit where it would be hard for us to be debt-free in the shortest amount of time.


I took this BillsIQ test and scored an overall IQ of 92% A. Does this mean that when financial trouble appears, I can easily keep us out from it? I'm not quite sure yet but I'm ready to take on that challenge. There's always good people out there who would offer us debt help and advise just in case.

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