Thursday, September 11, 2008

Ziddu is back to normal

I host all my files that I share in this blog on Ziddu. A few days ago, their site was reported as an attack site by Google. And because of this, Firefox 3 users were not able to access the site and the files hosted there warning them that the site is suspicious and might damage your PC.

I contacted the people of Ziddu and it's a good thing that they're already aware of the problem. It seems that one of their 3rd party advertisers is the culprit but their engineers already fixed it. I guess they should be more careful now on the advertiser codes that they're letting in on their system.

It's nice that Google saw the problem beforehand and that newer browsers have the ability to warn their users. I'm just happy that Ziddu's back to normal now so we can go back to earning a few cash.


Anonymous said...

I saw it and mailed ziddu team. They responded that they are already fighting with google. Ziddu is back.

Calvin said...

thanks for the info man. i noticed that they're back a couple of days ago but thanks for mailing them.

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